Friday, 27 June 2014

Chita Pin Cushion

On our recent travels to Portugal, i purchased some local Chita de Alcobaca fabric. It's 100% cotton, and very unusual. It freys like crazy, but the patterns are really pretty. I decided to whip up a little pin cushion, to remind me of Portugal and our travels there.

I made it log cabin style using 1 inch strips except for the last outer strip which was a few inches to incorporate the pretty pattern. When filling it, i used some standard synthetic filling but added some rice to the bottom so that it feels a little heavier and sits nice and flat.

I made 2 at the same time so that i can give one to my Mum.

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  1. Lovely; I like the vibrant colors in the fabrics!

  2. Oh Chita!! Love this type of fabric. Actually Chita is also very popular in Brazil. However the patterns from each country are not the same. I'm planning bringing some in my next trip to Brazil! Your pincushion is soooo cute! A very nice way to remember your trip to Portugal...also a very interesting country :-)

  3. I wonder if they have similar lovely fabric next door in Spain. I didn't spot any, but that is probably more a sign of my lack of attention!

  4. What a sweet memento! My sister gave me a necklace from Bolivia or Argentina (?she spent several years in both!) whose beads are reminiscent in color and pattern to these beautiful fabrics :) Just darling pincushions!

  5. Those prints are beautiful :). Such a great idea to put rice at the bottom for weight .. awesome tip!


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