Saturday, 28 June 2014

Binding suggestions please??

100 blocks for Marta's quilt are well and truly ready for final piecing together. Despite my best efforts to keep accurate, they did need some squaring up in the end, but now, as 10 x 10 inch blocks they look good. There are some that are less than ideal, but i'm pretty happy with them.

It's nice to see the overall colour scheme come together and see the crosses link up the blocks.

I'm looking forward to piecing together the quilt top.

Thanks to all those that have given me some suggestions for've given me some great ideas and some i hadn't thought of. 

Binding suggestion please????

I'm still undecided what colour and/or print of fabric i should use to bind the quilt. I'm keen to avoid any more pink colours (thinking of my brother-in-law who will probably wish for something less feminine?). You all had such great quilting suggestions and i'd love for you to share with me what you think i should use for binding!

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  1. The green from the cross-hatching would probably look great as a binding. I would also probably audition some solid yellows and blues to see if anything really helps it pop or frame it out.

  2. I agree, the green would give it continuity.

  3. THey are great. How about a scrappy binding using the fabrics from the quilt. It would tie it all together really nicely and you could still use a bit of pink in there xx

  4. I love the way those points go together....perfectly matched. Wish I was as neat!
    Binding is a difficult one - I would be tempted to try matching the blue. Personally I love a black and white striped binding but this quilt might be too busy for could give it a go, it might look good!

  5. Assuming that you are making the quilt exactly like Ann did, she used two different fabrics for the border (I like that a lot) and In the original quilt, She repeated one of the border fabric as binding, this might be an idea to consider.
    If ever you are tempted by a stripe, you could check this one; Amy Butler-Gypsy Caravan-Hammock Stripe in Mocha. Hope that helps! Can't wait to see it.:)

  6. It really has to be pink or green. I would be tempted to choose one (or both) of the solids from the crissy-crossy lines. Maybe the green one if you think your brother-in-law has enough pink.

  7. It's going to be beautiful when you're done, because it already looks terrific! I like the idea of using the green from the crisscross lines, but a solid would well as the quilt has so much going on. I really like the idea of a simple stripe, applied either on the bias or straight.

    Leslie S. in MN USA

  8. Beautiful! I know you want to avoid pink for the binding, but I would choose the pink you've used in the crosses. Some people suggest using the darkest color within a quilt for its binding to anchor and frame it, and your pink is darker than your green used in the crosses. I would use one or the other of these fabrics/colors to give the quilt continuity and minimize distraction. By using one of these solids you'll let the piecing and the prints shine.

  9. I think the green you have already used would be good, but it might be even nicer if you found a darker green from the prints and used it. It would frame the quilt nicely.

  10. Looking lovely! What are you using for the backing fabric? Maybe you could use that as the binding too?

  11. If the blue aqua reads consistent throughout you might audition that idea. When I first starting quilting I'd buy, cut and prep the binding and then change my mind when the quilt got to that stage. I actually have a jar in my sewing room with the ones that got bumped. I also like scrappy - big surprise.


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