Saturday, 30 May 2015

Boho Road Trip: My Anna Maria Horner Charm Quilt

Not long ago, i participated in the Anna Maria Horner Charm Swap organised by Ms MidgeIt was lots of fun and such a great way to work with an amazing designers' collection of fabrics. 

I reckon Anna Maria Horner has a real knack for making gorgeous and wonderfully colourful fabrics. Many of them remind me of modern bohemian styles that together combine to make what i reckon turns into a delicious, funky, almost folk-style quilt.

I wanted to make a something to showcase the beautiful diversity of fabrics and to keep in style with the bohemian vibes. Our family is fortunate enough to have a VW CamperVan (Transporter) that we use regularly to get away to the coast and take our travelling holidays in so I wanted a quilt to snuggle under on our road trips around the country; something we could wrap ourselves in while watching sunrises and sunsets and while we watched for humpback whales as they migrate along Australia's east and west coasts. I wanted a quilt that would keep us warm while waiting for good surf on nippy coastal mornings.

And this is it, all quilted, bound and finished and i love it. Thanks again so much to Ms Midge for organising the charm swap.

Of course i choose the most blusterous, gusterous, windy day at the National Arboretum in Canberra to take some photo's and will try to get some better pics on our next trip away in the Van.

Quilty Specs:
Size: almost 2x2m
Fabric: 100% cotton designed by Anna Maria Horner
Batting: 100% wool
Quilting: Edge to Edge Vintage b2b by Jeanette at Gone Aussie Quilting.

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Monday, 25 May 2015

Autumn and Lime Splice Cushion Cover

Autumn is coming to an end here in Canberra and winter is knocking with temperatures falling below zero at night and icy frosts welcoming us each morning.

I've named this cushion cover my 'Autumn and Lime Splice' because its colours sing of the lemons and limes that we've had in seasonal abundance here with a hint of autumn deciduous orange.

I'm currently participating in the Heather Bailey Aussie Charm Swap organised by the lovely Ms Midge and made this cushion cover using the scraps left over after my Mum and i had cut all our Heather Bailey yardage into wee, little charm squares.

We recently hosted a Cancer Council: Australia's Biggest Morning Tea at our place and i placed the Autumn and Lime Splice up for silent auction bidding. The cushion cover was generously purchased, as was the beautiful Love, Peace and Fun cot quilt that my Mum donated (more about that here), and both will be soon on their way to new homes.

It was a wonderful morning and we managed to raise over $1,700 for the Cancer Council which i know will go towards cancer research and the wonderful services that help people suffering the awfulness of cancer.

Thank you to all for your well wishes and lovely comments which have been so encouraging and to those who have donated so generously. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Measuring 41x41cm, i've made the cushion cover with some lovely green, checked piping and a Heather Bailey Nicey Jane backing with hidden zip. The top has been quilted with really close, straight lines.

I'm looking froward to receiving all the Heather Bailey charms and have a bit of a plan ready for an orange peel and half square triangle quilt. Stay tuned....

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Love, Peace and Fun; a Cot Quilt

My Mum, Norma recently made this awesome cot quilt. It's snuggly orange minke and turquoise highlights (with trucks...brrmm brrmm!) are the perfect colours to welcome a newby into the Australian autumn.

The minke makes it super soft and snuggly and Mum has embroidered the words 'love', 'peace' and 'fun' onto the quilt.

She has added some great embroidery and patches to make it super cute, but what makes it extra special is the fact that she's putting it up for silent auction at our 'Cancer Council: Biggest Morning Tea at Our Place' later this month.

You might remember me telling you that not long ago my Dad, David, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (a really terrible type of bone cancer). Well, the good news is that, after the excellent work of several specialist doctors, some fancy new medicines and a dose of chemo and radio, he is now in remission....wahoooo!

I can honestly say though, that the many months during diagnosis and treatment were the toughest and most worrying times my Dad and our family have ever been through. During this time I also became a firm believer that cancer really is best described with swear words!

In recent days my sister Belinda was diagnosed with breast cancer (insert swear word here) and is currently undergoing treatment and our good friends Wendy and Dave are fighting their own battle with cancer too.

With so many people affected by cancer, either in their own lives or through family and friends, we want to help raise important funds for cancer research and the amazing support services that we've so appreciated over the last couple of years.

So, we're hosting a Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea on Saturday 23rd May, 2015 at 10.00am.

You and your family are invited to MORNING TEA at our place in Higgins, Canberra. Of course i'm aware many readers on this blog space live far and wide and won't be able to make it but we'd sure love to see you if you live nearby! (Please let us know if you're able to make it along by contacting me via the comments section).

If you can't make it along but would like to make a donation (it's really simple if you follow the promts at or if you'd like to make a bid on the 'Love, Peace and Fun Cot Quilt', please also contact me via the comments section and i will get back to you with details.

Love, Peace and Fun Cot Quilt:

Dimensions:101cm x 120cm (40"x47")
Quilt Top:    100% Cotton Childrens Prints and Orange Minke
Batting:        100% Bamboo
Quilt Back:  100% Cotton Childrens Print

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