Saturday, 30 May 2015

Boho Road Trip: My Anna Maria Horner Charm Quilt

Not long ago, i participated in the Anna Maria Horner Charm Swap organised by Ms MidgeIt was lots of fun and such a great way to work with an amazing designers' collection of fabrics. 

I reckon Anna Maria Horner has a real knack for making gorgeous and wonderfully colourful fabrics. Many of them remind me of modern bohemian styles that together combine to make what i reckon turns into a delicious, funky, almost folk-style quilt.

I wanted to make a something to showcase the beautiful diversity of fabrics and to keep in style with the bohemian vibes. Our family is fortunate enough to have a VW CamperVan (Transporter) that we use regularly to get away to the coast and take our travelling holidays in so I wanted a quilt to snuggle under on our road trips around the country; something we could wrap ourselves in while watching sunrises and sunsets and while we watched for humpback whales as they migrate along Australia's east and west coasts. I wanted a quilt that would keep us warm while waiting for good surf on nippy coastal mornings.

And this is it, all quilted, bound and finished and i love it. Thanks again so much to Ms Midge for organising the charm swap.

Of course i choose the most blusterous, gusterous, windy day at the National Arboretum in Canberra to take some photo's and will try to get some better pics on our next trip away in the Van.

Quilty Specs:
Size: almost 2x2m
Fabric: 100% cotton designed by Anna Maria Horner
Batting: 100% wool
Quilting: Edge to Edge Vintage b2b by Jeanette at Gone Aussie Quilting.

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  1. Oh wow - this is just so delicious. It makes me want to get out my long-hoarded AMH fabrics and make a quilt just like it :-) I know you will get so much enjoyment out of this wonderful quilt :-)

  2. What a beautiful, bright, and wonderful finish! The photos at the end made me smile. :)

  3. Love those blustery pics, they make me smile as does that glorious quilt you made. Love how you've used all the charm squares from the swap. I really wanted to join that one but the timing wasn't any good for me. I can see you are going to get loads if enjoyment out of this quilt! Jealous!! :)

  4. A beautiful quilt. (Why is it that whenever we want to photograph quilts, the wind picks up?!)

  5. It's beautiful! I can imagine many wonderful evenings watching the stars.

  6. Looks like lots of fun was had taking pictures of the quilt! Great pictures and a wonderful quilt.

  7. Such a beautiful finish! Love those blustery pics. And your sunny smile has made my morning!

  8. Gorgeous quilt! Beautiful setting! Happy, funny, beautiful quilter!!!!!

  9. Love the colours in it - looks really happy! Happy photos too despite the windy weather!

  10. Your quilt is scrumptious! Love those Anna Maria Horner fabrics and you did a great job. Love the pics! too funny to see you struggling against the wind with that quilt. We have all done it! Thanks also for the specs on the quilt.. not everyone does that. A nice touch.

  11. Nice quilt, it is inspiring me to cut into my AMH stash! Beautiful quilting as well.

  12. Gorgeous! The colors in those fabrics are so nice!

  13. The wool seems to have given the quilting its lovely loft. I plan to use more wool in future. Beautiful colours!

  14. So Beautiful.

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  15. I remember this being beautiful as a finished flimsy, but now extra, extra beautiful with the quilting. What a perfect quilt for your VW.

  16. I remember this being beautiful as a finished flimsy, but now extra, extra beautiful with the quilting. What a perfect quilt for your VW.


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