Tuesday, 20 May 2014

happy birthday dad!

Well, after a looooong haul back to Australia, we are finally home and over jetlag. It took 9 days (or should I say nights!) for our toddler (aka the hurricane) to switch to local EST. We are missing our Portuguese family already but it's good to be back in the Great South Land again.

Since coming home, sewing progress has been delayed, but with my Dads 75th birthday to celebrate last weekend, I couldn't resist setting aside my next quilting project to make him some 'happy birthday' bunting to celebrate the occasion.

I used a template to cut out two triangles from each fabric. I drew the letters by hand onto some stiff interfacing, then ironed it onto some coordinating fabric. I simply cut around each letter before sewing them onto the coordinating triangle with some simple machine stitching. I then sewed each triangle, wrong sides together before turning them the right way.  I used some homemade binding to string them all together allowing enough on each end to be able to tie the bunting into hanging position.


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  1. Hope your dad had a wonderful birthday! He must have loved the bunting. It looks fabulous!

  2. Gorgeous bunting, I bet your Dad loved it! You're a braver lady than me to travel with a little one! Sounds like you had a lovely time though :)

  3. Buntings are quickly becoming some of my favourite things, and yours looks great! Hope the party was fun for all!!


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