Thursday, 29 May 2014

Butterflies and Bees Cot Quilt

My Mum has sewn so many things for our family. As a little girl, i can remember Mum making me some terrific dress up outfits and clothes for my teddy. Although she mostly made necessities; things like our clothes and their repairs and hand-me-down modifications from my brother and sisters clothes and school uniforms.

When i learnt to do my first patchwork pillow as a Brownie (young girl guide or scout), she encouraged me and loaned me the sewing gear i needed (i think she may have also helped me finish it when my enthusiasm wained!).

Recently, when my little boy (aka the hurricane) was due to be born, she made him this terrific Butterflies and Bees Cot quilt. We love it terribly and as i write, the hurricane is fast asleep underneath it. He loves pointing out the butterflies and bees that Mum has appliqued onto it but i love the blue and green colours (of course!) and the xanthorhoea grass tree spikes that remind me of our home in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

So this post goes out to my Mum.... cheers for making such a fun and gorgeous cot quilt for our boy Mum! We love you very, very much!

You can check out more of Mum's quilts on Mums Gallery page.

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