Saturday, 15 March 2014

Best wishes in floral

Have you ever had some fabric that you just thought was too pretty to cut up into small pieces? Well, this was certainly the case for me. I purchased this fabric on sale and thought it was so pretty that one day i'd make it into something beautiful.

When i pulled it out of the stash earlier in the week, i wasn't really sure how to use it, but imagined it was the perfect combination of floral and pretty colours for a placemat of some sort for my aunt Fatima.

So, in order to keep the focus on the floral patterns, i haven't added too much patchwork. Just a little splash of aqua. Its very simple and in some ways i wish i'd tried more, but i do like the focus on the floral fabric.

In keeping with the floral theme, i've quilted running flowers (i can't remember the name of the pattern), which are a favourite pattern of mine at the moment.

Best wishes Fatima!

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