Friday, 9 January 2015

Christmas giving

It's so nice to give handmade prezzies at Christmas. There's something special about spending time picking out fabric and spending time making someone's gift.

Last year I found this great, old pattern for a kids art smock (more about that here). It is a quick and simple pattern (Simplicity (4286) for ages 3-8) so I decided to make all the children in our family and our friends one as Christmas presents. Needless to say, I spent most of late November and December busily cutting out and sewing these together.

I know handmade gifts, of all sorts, are often undervalued. Sometimes the recipient has no idea about the price of materials and the time it takes to make something. I don't mind though. I reckon it's probably these recipients that have had very few handmade gifts and as the giver, it's pretty cool to be able to spend the time and money to give them something I reckon is pretty special. Plus.....of course....It's super fun making things too!

I have a little boy who is nearly 2 1/2, and as his Mum, I hope to teach him many things that I think are important. Creating unique, handmade gifts for others will always be something I'll encourage. At the moment he'd rather run as fast as he can, climb as high as he can and play with his trains and water toys, rather than to make paintings, cook yummy food, grow vegetables or draw with his pencils. But, I do look forward to the years ahead and the fun things we will make together and seeing what he manages to come up with all on his own.

Here's to homemade, handmade and homegrown creations!


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  1. Absolutely Jen. Handmade is often undervalued, especially by children, but it is so much more satisfying to give :-) I have always encouraged my sons to make handmade gifts for their teachers - at first it was baking and decorating nice boxes to put the baked goods in, but more recently it has been sewing. And their teachers have just loved the gifts :-)

  2. You made smocks for ALL the children of friends and family?! What an amazing effort.
    I agree with you about handmade gifts. I learned to sew as a child by making gifts for family. Some of those early tablecloths and aprons still live in the bottom of my granny's cupboard.


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