Saturday, 11 October 2014

Soul Blossoms


Marta and Orlando's Soul Blossoms quilt is complete. I'm really happy with it and i can't wait to give it to them.

I was inspired to make it after seeing a quilt made by Ann D. Hansen called 'x-tra ordinary' (p.28 of her book make it Modern Quilts (more about it here). I chose to use fabrics from Amy Butlers' Soul Blossoms range which are bright and cheery and i hope will bring a taste of spring to their bedroom no matter what season it is outside.

I can highly recommend the pattern, although i did find the corners of each block were quite difficult to match perfectly despite efforts to be accurate with my 1/4 inch seam and squaring up.

Gemma from Pretty Bobbins did a great job quilting it for me (thanks Gemma!). Because the quilt is so large and will be used as a bed quilt, we chose a lose edge to edge design of simple feathers in pale blue Aurifil thread. The Matilda's Own wadding, which is 100% wool, is lovely and soft with a great loft.....perfect for snuggling!

I pieced the back with what i had left from the Soul Blossoms fabrics together with some coordinating prints. I chose to bind the quilt with a green and yellow stripe which i reckon gives it an Aussie touch and looks pretty cute too.

We recently headed out west on an adventure in the van to the Young and Temora region, and visited our friend Rupert at the Allambie Cherry Orchard on the way. Allambie is in Wombat and at the end of September, the cherry trees were in full blossom, making it a spectacular place to take some photo's of Marta and Orlando's Soul Blossoms quilt. Our little Hurricane enjoyed helping me set up the quilt and running amongst the cherry trees. Thanks for letting us wander through the orchard Rupert, we can't wait to come back and sample some of those delicious cherries!

I'm really happy with this Soul Blossoms quilt and hope that Marta and Orlando will like it very much. Best wishes Marta and Orlando!

Soul Blossoms Quilt Specs:

Completed Size:   2.2m x 2.7m
Pattern:                  'x-tra ordinary' by Ann D. Hansen
                                 (p.28 of her book 'make it Modern Quilts')
Fabric:                    Amy Butlers Soul Blossom range (quilt top)
Quilting:                Simple Feathers (e2e)
                                (by Gemma from Pretty Bobbins)

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  1. it is so beautiful, and what a great location for a photo shoot :-)

  2. Beautiful photo shoot location - the quilt with the riot of blossoms is just stunning! I really like how the solid colors cut through the prints to make it look like this quilt is gift wrapped with crisp ribbon and sealed with love.

  3. Jen, what a gorgeous gift! That is a big quilt (don't even have to convert measures to see that!) Looks like a wonderful day with your toddler!

  4. That's so beautiful!

  5. Hi! So beautiful and fantastic photos! x Teje

  6. I remember seeing the beginnings of this quilt and it has turned into an awesome finish. So bright and happy!!

  7. What a bright and happy quilt! I am sure that it will be greatly treasured by the lucky couple. Beautiful finish!

  8. Your quilt is stunning! Gemma did a beautiful job with the quilting and using the pale blue thread was a wonderful idea. It looks stunning between the blooming cherry trees, beautiful photos.
    I am sure your quilt will be cherished for years to come.

  9. The location is doing its best to outshine your quilt – not an easy feat considering how lovely the quilt is.
    I can see how matching up those corners would be tricky as there is not much wriggle room.

  10. This quilt is staggeringly beautiful, well done!

  11. Great colors! I'm sure they will love it. And now I want to see a cherry orchard. :)

  12. Spectacular quilt! It is so beautiful. I love the fabrics and colors. Your friends will be very happy with this quilt. You did such a beautiful yob and beautiful pictures too.Congrats with this finish. Thanks for sharing.
    Love from Amsterdam.

  13. Great fabric, great quilt, great photos. This is just gorgeous.

  14. Wowee! That is utterly gorgeous!! And I think you've done an incredible job matching the corners, they're so tiny!


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